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Most effective digital marketing tactics for B2B markets

Digital Marketing

Digital media are highly applicable to conquer B2B markets in an effective and profitable way. However, it is important to understand which tactics and tools are more convenient for our business model and which practices help us optimize our actions and obtain results.

The effectiveness of digital Marketing to achieve targets in B2C business models has never been doubted. On the other hand, it is in B2B marketing that its true value and outreach tends to be underestimated; a major mistake taking into account the permanent need to manage possible new clients, qualifying the quality of these prospects and what’s even more important, the possibility that Digital Marketing provides your business’s strategy managers of nourishing and shortening the sale.

Most effective digital marketing tactics for B2B markets

– Content marketing: According to a study performed by provider CRM Salesforce, content marketing shows 92% effectiveness for B2B businesses and is one of the greatest trends in Digital Marketing for this year.Content Marketing is especially effective in B2B because, in principle, it helps secure quality LEADS (potential customers) with content that’s relevant and interesting to them (appeal) and besides, accompanies and nourishes the potential customer’s path towards the sale. To do it correctly, you must know your audience, their motivations, and habits. Here are some content formats:

  • Articles
  • E-books
  • Success stories
  • Webinars.
  • Videos (Channel Management on YouTube).

– Specific Landing pages for your B2B customers. The perfect digital tool to make the most of your value offer, with concise impressive messages where clarity and specificity are the rules. They are ideal to communicate and convert.

– LinkedIn.It’s the biggest professional social network worldwide. Besides, it’s highly known for its benefits when used as a communication and contact channel in B2B environments.

-Email marketing. Email marketing is perfect to build customer loyalty through messages aimed at building a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your client. It is highly effective for B2B strategies, because if managed correctly it may become a direct business-customer channel.

For email marketing management to be truly effective it is necessary to be careful with technical topics in order to avoid being filtered out as SPAM.

Additionally, we recommend you personalize your messages and use warm and close communication tones.

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