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Companies and government drive CDMX industrial development

Concamin (The Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico), the government of Mexico City and the city hall of Azcapotzalco will create an innovation center for the industry.

In 15 months, Mexico City will have the Vallejo-i Center for Technological Development and Innovation, which will contribute to the economic revival of the city and the metropolitan area.

This project is the result of collaboration between the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin), the government of Mexico City, and the city hall of Azcapotzalco to promote the re-industrialization of the country’s capital.

Francisco Cervantes, president of the Concamin, and Vidal Llerenas, mayor of Azcapotzalco, signed an agreement, which among other things contemplates the creation of a Data Center for Mexico City, which will concentrate all the information that is generated in the capital of the country and allow companies to access it to develop mobility, security, solutions, etc.

The investment in this project by the mayor’s company is 120 million pesos. In addition, 97 million pesos will be invested through programs of the Mixed Fund, Conacyt (The National Council for Science and Technology) and the government of Mexico City for equipment from the new center. The mayor’s township has also put up 25 million pesos for the infrastructure of this project.

The Vallejo-i Technology Development and Innovation Center will have laboratories to boost Industry 4.0, a business linking space, a new materials laboratory, a satellite imaging laboratory, a space for technological entrepreneurship and business linking, and areas of training and professional certification.

“Mexico City contributes more than 19% of the country’s economic activity. What we see is that within the city, financial services, insurance and mass media information concentrates more than 36% of the total gross production of the entity, but after that there are manufacturers with 11.24%, and it seems to us that there is an area of opportunity for Industry 4.0 to contribute more,” said José Luis de la Cruz, president of the Commission for Economic Studies of Concamin.

In a virtual forum, where the agreement was signed, the specialist added that the objective of this collaboration is to raise industrial competitiveness systematically in Mexico City based on three pillars: generate greater added value, greater regional content and a system of innovation and transferring of it to companies.

In her participation, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, explained that one of the objectives of her administration is for the city to stop deindustrializing; and at the moment, thanks to this Vallejo-i project, it was possible to retain companies that had considered moving out of the city.

“I am sure that this is the beginning of a revitalization and enrichment of the industry, of manufacturing in Mexico City, which will place us in the coming years as one of the most important entities in terms of technological innovation linked to manufacturing in our country,” she said.

The Vallejo industrial zone generates about 1 billion pesos per year in various economic activities, and 25% of Mexico City’s industrial production; but with these projects, it is expected to reach the country’s capital plus investment in manufacturing.

Mayor Vidal Llerenas explained that there are currently more than 300 million pesos of investment in completed projects of Grupo Bimbo, Grupo Neolpharma, Estafeta and Honeywell, and at least 2.3 billion pesos in ongoing projects of the companies O’Donnell, Ustorage, Alfa and Sears.

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