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3 digital B2B marketing strategies to charm your Latin American clients.

Estrategias innovadoras B2B

Do you want to charm your B2B clients? If your answer is yes, it is possible that you might have tried many strategies to achieve this, but with no results. This because businesses that sell to other businesses offer more and more of the same ideas.

Therefore, we would like to offer you B2B marketing strategies with a high percentage of technological innovation and injected creativity that will help you contact and charm the Latin American audience.

Digital B2B marketing strategies for different industries

Webinars, a practical and innovative way to hold events

Most of the “real” advertising spaces and formats have turned to the digital world; huge advertising panels became banners, door to door mail became newsletters, and mouth to mouth conversations turned to social networks, where people’s lives are condensed. So, why not consider holding big events such as conferences and seminars through digital channels?

Thanks to digital conferences and seminars, high logistics costs related to the management of these events are a thing of the past. Besides, time and other resources dedicated to the planning of such events are drastically reduced, reason enough for you to be seduced by this new way to hold events and charm your clients.

Now, digital seminars also require planning and dissemination for them to work well.

We invite you to take your events to a whole other level, always with expert advice.

If you are interested in having webinars (digital seminars) in a professional manner, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Showrooms (A digital showcase for B2B products)

Yes, showrooms have also moved into the digital world, with all its shocking power and effectiveness to charm clients and close sales.

What is most interesting about these commercial showrooms is that they are a part of specialized content web portals aimed exclusively at the Latin American industrial market, which makes them highly visible.

But, how do these spaces work?

With the help of videos and a personalized product catalog, full of powerful images and detailed product descriptions, this innovative strategy manages to communicate the most relevant differentials of each product.

Besides, they are a direct communication channel between providers, manufacturers and other industrial business-related agents thanks to the personalized contact panel they have.

Omni-channel B2B marketing strategies

Impacting a channel from different fronts is a fully recommended practice when seeking out effectiveness, but hiring various separate channels usually proposes a very high cost. Luckily, in the B2B media market, there is the possibility of hiring media packages targeted towards specialized content production aimed at the B2B audience.

Omni-channel strategies could include the following media:

  • Specialized printed magazines

  • E-Newsletters

  • Advertising in specialized web portals

  • E-mail and direct mail

  • Showrooms

  • Catalog advertising

Innovate with new B2B marketing strategies and charm the right audience. Reach outside your comfort zone and make the most of the new age of connecting. If you need more information on how to implement any of these strategies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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